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soccer update

Hello, everyone!

This month has been hectic, and I cant believe I am nearly at the end of primary school!!! I’ve had camps, tests at school, and have been doing heaps of soccer. So, I’ve decided first thing is to do a soccer update and I will write about the rest later!

The main winter season is over, and we had presentation ******

For summer fitness and ball skills his year my team decided to enrol in a sixerside comp, which is a really fun type of mod soccer. Each team usually has six players, and the pitch is the size of an under sixes field. Each game goes for roughly an hour and involves a lot of running since the area is so small. This year we don’t have all of our team playing, so we have roughly four on each team (one goalie, three players) but that’s ok since the teams we play sometimes are a lot younger than us, and we often have boys wanting to fill in and play with us. It is heaps of fun!

On top of that, I also go to goalkeeper training with Andrew Goldman every week. He has really helped me improve my skills and training is so much fun, we do heaps of cool activities and I learn so much. if anyone is interested, go to

Here are some pics…

Me at this year’s Kahibah presentation day with my trophy:soccer-presentation

I had heaps of fun at the presentation day.we all go a sausage sizzle and a drink wich were really yum! the jumping castle and playground were also awesome. There was a bungee jumping castle where you were tied to the end and had to try and score a goal in the basketball hoop. It was great! anyway, back to the pictures.

Me and my friend GeriĀ  (we match!)


a close up of my trophy

soccer-trophy-2016And my new soccer boots!


I’m really looking forward to playing in these next year.

Also some really exciting news is that I might be attending a soccer development camp with the Newcastle Jets W-League (they are the local representative womens team!) next month. So I will keep you posted about that

So. How are you all doing? Let me know in the comments below!

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