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plastic straws are evil


Today we need to talk about something serious. Plastic straws. I know what you’re all thinking “Whats wrong with straws?”

So let me tell you… (I created a little powerpoint presentation and will share it here for you) This is whats wrong:



Help by sharing your sustainable straw selfie.

I am hoping to raise awareness and encourage as many people as I can to use sustainable straws rather than single use plastic ones. So, whether you already have a re usable straw at home, or you plan to buy one, take a selfie of you with it. You could be drinking, or even just holding a cup with a re usable straw in it. Then hashtag #sustainablestrawselfie and spread the word! (You can link back to this blog post if you wish or you can tag me @liana_kathryn on instagram as I would love to see your photos) Have fun! Do a funny selfie! Do a selfie with your whole family! What ever you want!

Here are my first two #sustainablestrawselfie! One from today with my water, and one from yesterday with my smoothie for breakfast!  I will be sharing more on my instagram


glass straw


Remember, share your selfie on any form of social media, and inform your friends about this sneaky villain!

Im using my re usable glass straw from my friends at Shop Naturally. I have the purple gecko on grey glass straw which I love and you will be seeing lots more photos of soon!

Research from:

I hope you enjoyed and I look forward to seeing your selfies!

Liana Kathryn!

  • Bernadette - Awesome work Liana! I’m going to get some real straws this week! You’ve inspired me! xReplyCancel

    • Liana - Thanks Bernadette! You should get some straws – they also make it more fun to drink water which is always a good thing if you can have more!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Bell | Little Girls With Great Big Dreams - Liana, this is such an amazing post! You have done a fabulous job with the research and the presentation!
    I am really happy that you are trying to get more people aware of the dangers of plastic to the environment, so proud of you and I do think your gecko straw is just adorable!
    Keep up the great blog posts!
    Love you!!! Mum xxReplyCancel

  • Rachel - Wow ! I currently only use recyclable plastic or paper straws but j think the glass and Ss sound great. Thanks for all that info liana, it makes you stop and think how damaging all those little plastic straws we think nothing about usually are actually damaging our environment!


    • Liana - that’s OK! re usable plastic straws and paper straws are ok, but paper straws can only be used once and plastic straws still have heaps of chemicals in them. glass and SS straws are definitely best!ReplyCancel

  • Elaine Corbett - I’m luck I don’t use straws. This is because I don’t
    drink much. Not much fun drinking coffee through a straw.ReplyCancel

  • Jodie - What a great post!! Good on you for sharing the word about plastic straws and how they harm the environment. I will be buying glass straws like you suggest!ReplyCancel

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