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Pineapple Heads -Product design review


How are you? How was your day? Good? Awesome. I’d love to chat about what you did today, but you see, I kind of have to finish this blog post first. Maybe another time? Anyway, on to the important question. How was your hair day? Judging by your look, I’m going to assume it was pretty great. But what about yesterday? Or the day before? I didn’t see you yesterday, so I don’t actually know if you had a good hair day or not, but lets just assume that your hair was horrible. Like, big fuzz ball of broken dreams horrible. You probably needed something to help you get the knots out, or De-frizzasize it, right? Of course you did. You were having a bad hair day! Did you have something you help you De-frizzasize? If the answer is no, then this is the post for you. If the answer is yes, then this is still the post for you.

You may be confused. Just ten minutes ago I said that this Blog was now focused on graphic design. Puzzling, Right? As part of the ‘What’ section of this blog, This post is not only about how amazing these products are at De-frizzasizeing hair, but also about how utterly amazing the designs on the fronts of them are, and trying to get you lot inspired by it. Just so you know, I will also before we get started, I will be doing some non-graphic design stuff, capeesh? The brand is called pineapple heads, as you can probably tell from the title.

I love this brand. They are great for your hair, and smell AMAZING! Not to mention how wonderfully quirky the designs on the front are. I love them. OK, Id better stop rambling on about how amazing the designs on the front are, and just show you.

Here are some pics:

Now do you get me? I can just hear the little person in your head saying, “She was right! Those designs are wonderfully amazing!” The only thing you cant tell about these wonderful creations is how utterly AMAZING they smell. My favourite is the shampoo. Its peach, honeysuckle and lemon balm. Believe it or not, these bottles of awesomeness have even more to offer. On the back of every bottle, tube or container you will find a short little message. It’s awesome. Just have a look for yourself:

Turn trouble bath into bubble bath! A few squirts of us and your kids won’t want to get out. That’s because the only thing more fun than bubbles, is more bubbles! I’m made from passionflower, green tea, red apple, and nectarine and super strength awesomeness. Rocket scientists from the future have verified that every bubble contains 1mg of concentrated fun, and with 50 billion bubbles in every bottle, that’s like, wow!

-Pineapple Heads bubble bath

I love everything about this product. The smell, the designs, the functionality and even the writing on the back! I highly recommend you go buy it right now. Like, literally head over to Shop Naturally Right Now and order some. I’m not joking. Its THAT good!

I hope from now on you can take my advice and say goodbye to the big fuzz ball of broken dreams, and finally have a good hair day!

Hope you have a great day!

Liana Kathryn



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