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Today I’m doing my FIRST app review:)

Here are the details of the app I am reviewing:


  • App name: Phonto
  • App cost: free (with some add-ons that cost extra)
  • Social media: Phontograph
  • Website: phonto
  • Category: Photo and video

Phonto is by far one of my favorite apps to use on my iPod.

It is a very simple app used for applying text to photos, and its the simplicity that makes it amazing. Some of the things that I really like about this app, and what I think makes it an awesome app are:

The abundance of fonts, plus the ability to edit things like brightness and saturation makes it an extremely useful app.

The ability to apply gradients and patterns to text is helpful if you want to make your work stand out from the rest. I also like that it gives you some preset gradients to start off with, while also giving you the option to save the ones you have made and plan to use more than once. The amount of colors offered could be more, but this app already has so much that it makes up for it.

As I mentioned, the abundance of fonts is amazing, and although I have not used it yet, the feature that allows you to download your own fonts is pretty cool also. I really love the option to apply outlines, curve and tilt your writing because it just adds that little but of spark to your work.

The only things that I dislike about the app is the ads, but you can pay for the version that has no ads and it is only $1.49. There are also some options that you can buy like extra fonts, filters etc. Although there is not that much to buy, the 3D option sounds awesome and I would like to try it some day… 😐

Here are some of my favorite fonts. I went through and applied a pink, purple, aqua, green and blue gradient to all of them

phonto fave fonts

Here is another one:


This is an amazing app, and I am pleased to announce that I will not be rating apps with stars, but with rubber duckies!!!
I hereby award this app four and a half out of five rubber duckies! I hope you enjoyed this review, and recommend that you get the app.

If you have any apps that you would like me to review (preferably free:)  ), please comment below!

Liana Kathryn

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