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This week mum and I went to the central coast! It was a day full of big waves, sandy hair, awesome parks, feriss wheels, stringy cheese and overflowing Cold Rock ice cream!

The day started with a trip to a beach with GIGANTIC waves followed by some hot chips and a chocolate milk shake from a beach cafe with AWESOME graffiti on the walls! (I love love love graffiti walls!)

Then we made our way to Shop Naturally health food store to pick up some things. After about 1 to 2 hours or chatting and checking out new products ( 😉 ) We stopped at an awesome park on our way to what we thought was home. In stead of going home we spotted a cool wall so we stopped and got out of the car.

We started walking towards the wall and to our delight we found the hemp foods store! After a quick look we carried on towards the wall. After taking the photo, looking in the store, the one next door and one across the road, we hopped back in the car and started to drive.

THEN…. we spotted A FERRIS WHEEL!!! We did not actually go on the feriss wheel but the photos we got were awesome! After exploring (and an attempt to swim to a sand island then freaking out and realising I could not touch the ground and and I was not even half way across:()

I had VERY STRINGY PIZZA for dinner and mum had sushi. After we had LEGENDARY COLD ROCK ICE CREAM.  

Here is a collage of the photos Mum and I took!  ! Hope you like them!


central coast


Oh and here is the cool wall we found! How awesome is it – I think it would be nice to have a whole house painted like this!!!



What have you been up to these holidays?

Liana Kathryn


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I officially declare this my very first post!

Today is boxing day. Unfortunately that means there is a total of 364 days until Christmas. Haha! But Christmas was only yesterday:)

I had an amazing 2014! What about you?

Year Four at school is done… Time for Year Five! YAY! YAY! YAY! I am officially a senior student!

I am really excited for the year ahead so I made some quotes remember through the year! I hope you like them!


Dr Seuss one


Both of these quotes are from the famous DR SEUSS! I love Dr Seuss and his books. Especially green eggs and ham! I wrote both of these quotes by hand using the book creative lettering. You can check it out here

creative lettering

I hope you enjoyed my post I hope to hear from you soon!

Liana Kathryn



  • Kathy bell - Gr8 stuff liana banana Kathryn
    You are soooo talentedReplyCancel

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  • Aimee Angelique - Love it! Well done Liana you should be very proud.
    You’re not only beautiful but also very inspiring. Congratulations & best wishes on your blogging journeyReplyCancel

  • Naomi - Sooo cool! I’ll have to check this book out – it looks fun!ReplyCancel

  • Vanessa - Well done Liana you seem a natural at blogging, hope you continue to enjoy lives adventurers and your blogging journey xReplyCancel