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happy new year liana



Its been aaaaaaages since I posted last (sorry about that things got really busy with school and I haven’t had much time) and I thought Id better post SOMETHING or you’ll all get bored, so I decided to make this post. These are my new years resolutions…

  1. To post more! Like I said, I haven’t posted in forever, so I really need to start finding the time to do so.  I am really excited about doing that this year.
  2. To improve in graphic design.  Thanks to mums awesome photography lessons, I became very interested in taking photos of trees, flowers and stuff like that. I then discovered the a beautiful mess app, and found that I absolutely LOVED putting text over pictures. I then discovered more advanced apps, and decided I loved it even more! My dream for the future is to open my own shop and sell prints, bags, clothes and possibly stationary featuring my designs under the name ARTIX Design.
  3. To find more opportunities to be a brand ambassador with my mum. If you would like to be featured on my mums blog, (and possibly mine too) click this link here and chat to us about it.

So there you have it. Feel free to comment bellow and tell me your resolutions! Have a great day!

Oh, and Happy New Year!  I hope you love the above photo taken of me by mum.

Liana Kathryn


image by mehny unicorn

Ok lets get straight to the point. Dogs are way,way,way better than cats! Dogs cost less, they are always loyal and they can be useful  in the community.

Thinking of adopting? Don’t get a cat!

Might as well get a hat than get a cat

Thinking of adopting? Don’t get a kitten!

Might as well get a mitten than, get a kitten!

Thinking of adopting? Then get a cute pug or soft labrador because dogs are always loyal! They don’t sit around all day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like cats. They will play with you and keep you happy! If you are feeling sad, what better then a cute puppy dog with an absolutely adorable face to cheer you up! Not to mention the fact that if you are robbed, your dog can bark to alert you about the robbers.

Dogs cost heaps less than cats! You don’t need to by a kitty litter at all. Also if you have had a beautiful casserole for dinner and you have some bones left over, dogs will consider it a treat to eat them and bonus! It’s good for their dental health! That’s like a child being exited about brushing their teeth! Dogs will happily eat raw meat. Capitalize, underline and bold the word RAW  so if you have got some meat that will go off tomorrow but cant be bothered cooking it or already have dinner cooked? The dog will eat it no questioned asked! Also it’s a treat for them so they are very happy with you!

Now for what I think is the most important part of this persuasive text, community service. Dogs can be very useful to the community. They can be used as security dogs at airports to keep all the bad stuff out of our country! What about police dogs? They have an amazing sense of smell which means they can locate the bad guys in just hours! That may seem like a long time, but do you see cats doing that? No! Dogs don’t get stuck up trees like some other animal I know of. Not naming who! (hint: C A T S) this takes valuable time away from our amazing firefighters.

Cats are evil creatures, so buy a dog, preferably a rescue dog. They are loyal, they cost less than cats and they can be use full to the community. Also just think of all the famous dogs! Underdog, Batman’s dog Ace…. and can you think of any movies based on famous cats? Nope. And does the Queen have cats by her side? No, she has corgis! So when cat woman and underdog battle  it out, you know who to cheer for!

P.S I actually love cats but in persuasive texts you have to really try and convince the reader, so sorry to all the cat lovers!(and cats) I hope you enjoyed!
Liana Kathryn
  • Nanny Corbett - Hi Liana, When I was your age and live with my mum and dad I was not aloud so have a dog but I had a ginger cat named Sandy. I also had a budgerigar named Butch and a gold fish named Cleo. When I got married and moved I had a Pekinese call Ming and a dachshund named Pipi.I also had budgies named Benny, Bert and Mick. Cats are nice and cuddley. Now I live in a unit I don’t have any pets. Love NannyReplyCancel


School’s back!

In some ways its good and in some ways its bad. Like… you get to see friends BUT you have to do tests.:(

I know it went back a while ago but I’m still really exited about sharing this post so I just HAD to do it!

This year I got a fancy new lunch box and its AWESOME! The brands are BENTO BOX, Lunch Bots and FRIDGE TO GO lunch bags. You can check out the Lunch Bots bento boxes here  and Fridge to Go lunch bags here

They arrived by delivery last week from our friends at Shop Naturally and I love them!

A bento box is a stainless steel lunch box. You can get ones with two, three, or five compartments! Mum and I have a TRIO lunch bot and a CINCO lunch bot. The CINCO lunch bot has three small compartments, perfect for packing snacks, and two large, ideal for main meals. I also love the name “Lunch Bots”!

fun fact!

The word “cinco” means five in Spanish so the “cinco” lunch bots have five compartments!


So basically you put food in each of the little compartments… Sometimes you have to cut it a bit so you can fit it in (that is why I have to cut my plum) and they aren’t completely watertight so you cant have things in them that are really juicy. If I ever take watermelon or anything like that I put in a different container.

Some of my favorite foods to take for lunch are:

  • chicken wings
  • chopped veggies
  • acia and buckweat pancake bites
  • muffins of any kind
  • veggie dip or hummus
  • corn chips or sakatas
  • watermelon or any kind of fruit really
  • corn or vegetable fritters

Here is a photo of what was packed into my lunch box today… It was soooo good:)  I never really thought of taking chicken wings to school, but they were really tasty and all my friends were drooling over them!



Here is one from the first day I had my new bento box. We hadn’t really cooked much food so there were crackers in there instead of chicken or veggie fritters.
lunchbots bento

The Fridge To Go lunch bags are amazing, not only because they have lots of cool compartments to store little things in, but also because it can keep foods cold for up to 8 hours. The lunch bag has a main inner section that is insulated with a thin ice pack that comes with the bag. It has a great shoulder strap which means I can put it over my shoulder like a bag when walking to lunch, but if you don’t like that you can take it off…

I have the purple camo style and it rocks! It matches my school bag (that was a lucky accident) too! Here is me holding both of them…



I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to know what you put in your lunch box – what is your main food, and do you take any treats?

PS: Some of these facts about the lunch boxes I got off the internet on the shops website… But the cinco bit, I worked out myself… I know a little bit of Spanish – I think it is from watching Dora the Explorer when I was little! Haha.

Liana Kathryn

Photos of the lunch boxes taken by me! Photos of me – taken by mum.


  • Nanny Corbett - What a great idea the lunch boxes are. Wow you must have the best lunch at school. All your friends will be jealousReplyCancel

  • Back to school lunch essentials » - […] year I had a Lunchbots cinco bento box (you can read that post here) and I really really love it. But I wanted to get one a little bit smaller this year for the days […]ReplyCancel

  • Earle - Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that
    would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new

    • Liana - hello! no i do not use twitter, but i do use instagram!ReplyCancel


Today I thought I’d tell you five tips for having an awesome diary!

Here they are:

  • Use colored pens and pencils

Having rainbow writing is heaps more exiting than plain old black and lead.

  • Don’t be afraid to draw!

Draw little emojis or faces to describe how you are feeling. For example,:)= yay my birthday! and:(= tests today.
You can even draw little patterns in the corners of your diary to jazz it up a bit!

  • Write in awesome hand writing

Write in a cursive or in a italic font to make the writing more special!

  • Write the time of the activity creatively

Instead of 1-1-1 draw swirls of smiley faces in between the numbers!

  • Be organised!

Write your day schedule at the top of your day and afternoon schedule at the bottom of your day.

Here is my kikki k diary that I got for Christmas from my Nanny!

liana diary kikkik


I hope this post will inspire you to write in your diary daily and make writing in your diary a more enjoyable activity! When you use a diary it can help you stay more organised and remember things.  Do you have a diary? If so what tips do you have for me?



PS: My diary has a really cool section that asks questions at the end of the month on what happened.

I still cant decide what the hardest thing was about January – maybe keeping my room tidy… I better work on that more next month:)


Liana Kathryn

diaryLiana IMG_3422







  • Nanny Corbett - Awesome Liana Kathryn just awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Bell - This is really cool Liana – I might have to try some of these tips myself :) I definetely need to get more organised!!!ReplyCancel

    • liana - I hope they make your diary more interesting!ReplyCancel

Today I thought I would tell you about a book series I have just finished reading. Its called PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS.

Here is the blurb of THE LIGHTNING THIEF (BOOK ONE)

PERCY JACKSON is about to be kicked out of boarding school….again. And that’s the least of his troubles. Lately, mythological monsters and the gods of Mount Olympus seem to be walking out of the pages of Percy’s Greek mythology text book and into his life. And worse, he’s angered a few of them.  Zeus’s master lightning bolt has been stolen and Percy is the prime suspect.
Now Percy and his friends have just 10 days to find and return Zeus’s stolen property and bring peace to a warring Mount Olympus. But to succeed on his quest, Percy will have to do more than catch the true thief: he must come to terms with the father who abandoned him; solve the riddle of the Oracle, which warns him of betrayal by a friend; and unravel a treachery more powerful than the gods themselves

percy jackson

Here is just an intro to Ancient Greek mythology:
ZEUS god of the sky
POSIDON god of the sea
HADES god of the dead
HERA goddess of marriage
DEMETER goddess of agriculture
ARES god of war
ATHENA goddess of wisdom war and useful arts
APOLLO god of archery, music, poetry, the prophecy, medicine and the sun (wow)
ARTEMIS the god of the moon, hunting and young woman
HEPHAESTUS god of blacksmiths and fire
APHRODITE goddess of love and beauty
HERMES god of travelers, roadways, merchants and thiefs
DIONISUS god of wine

There are many more monsters and minor gods that I have not mentioned here. (Capitals was absolutely necessary otherwise I might get blown out of the sky)
These are really good books and I hope you enjoy them if you decide to read them.
I love these books so much I read 1.5 of them last year and then the rest up to book 5 in the school holidays. I just couldn’t put them down!
Check out more from Rick Riordan HERE
I hope you enjoyed this post!

Liana Kathryn

  • Renee Bell - Awesome Liana.
    I didn’t know who all of those Gods were and I would love to learn more! Do you think i will like the books? I might have to read them!ReplyCancel

  • Craig - James and I love this series of books too!

    I loved the first movie they made but thought the second movie wasn’t as good. I didn’t like the way they did Percy’s brother in the film.ReplyCancel

    • liana - yeah tyson was supposed to be lots bigger than percy but they were the sameReplyCancel

  • Alice - This is so fantastic Liana. I am thrilled that you have started a blog. As I see your beautiful head in books more often than not I am positive that your writing will continue to be valuable (and that the blogging world better watch out!).

    I’ll be an avid reader.

    p.s I would be Demeter. Who would you be?ReplyCancel

  • Naomi - Sounds like an awesome series! I’ll have to add them to my reading list. Thanks for writing about this :-) Loving your blog!ReplyCancel

  • Keira Rose - These books look really cool. I love reading.ReplyCancel

    • liana - me to! you should definanetly read them!ReplyCancel

  • kathy bell - sounds like a great story I will have to borrow them of you luv you…ReplyCancel

  • Declan - Hello liana I hope you post moreReplyCancel