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Meet our new family member – Nigella!


Don’t have time to write much today, as I am playing with our new family member …. A gorgeous kitten that we adopted yesterday named Nigella!  She is 11 weeks old and was born on 11th of the 11th. I missed her so much while I went to school today (but I did have a good day at school helping out my kindergarten buddy, and finding out my new class for the year!)

Here are some photos!




This is her! (I took these photos of Mum holding her – I’m pretty impressed with them!!)


Nigella!This is me holding her before school this morning!


niggela cuddles

Kitty cuddles!


nigella lying on me

Apparently someone thinks I’m a cushion

OK then, that’s all. I’m off to play with her. Have a lovely day!

Liana Kathryn

*No kittens were left Un-cuddled in the making of this blog post. Nigella is currently sitting on my lap sleeping white I type.


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