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Soccer, Soccer, Soccer. Or is it Football?


Sorry for not posting in ages, I’ve been really busy with soccer. Speaking of soccer, that’s what this blog post is about! What a coincidence…

Anyway, this year I play in under 12’s and its lots of fun! In my team are a few of my best friends from school (Hi Chloe and Isabel!) who have decided to start playing this year and some of the regulars who I have played with for years like Sammy and Geri and Ella and then a whole heap of other girls who go to a different school to me, but are really awesome too!

Under 12’s is the first year of playing the full sized field, with the official rules like offside and keeping to positions. Also we play in Womens league now, so no boys at all!!! It was hard the first few weeks to run so far but we are all getting fitter every week. In the first game I went as goalie because no one else would and we worked out someone needed to try and commit to being goalie to save the confusion of swapping every week – so I decided that was a job for me!!! I love playing on the field and sometimes I do play half a game and have a run around but being goalie is really fun. It sucks when I let goals in, but as coach always says – “The ball has to get past 10 other players before it gets past you, so it isn’t all your fault if it goes in.”  Of course I still wish I could save every single goal!

By the way, I call him “Coach” in this post, but really he is my Dad! First time ever he has coached my team:)

This is me wearing my goalie gloves. Well, half wearing if you must. They make it much easier to catch the ball because it grips, even when the ball is wet.


My soccer club has a special goal keeper training every week, so I go to that to practice all my catching and diving skills. My trainer is Clint Gosling, the former goal keeper for New Zealand and he used to also train at The Jets. Its really awesome having some one who played international soccer to coach me and my other goal keeper friends and we are getting better and better every week…

Here are some other soccer pics:


In 2014 I won the Tony Birleson achievement award as the U10 Girls player of the year. I was the first girl to win the award so my name will always be first on the plaque. That one stays at the club but the other trophies I get to keep at home.. Yay!



I love playing with my friends! This is Geri, Chloe in the middle and me on the right. But you all know which one is me, of course?



This is totally real… No I am not leaning against a wall… Or am I ?



A couple of months ago I went to a Jets game with my friends. Kahibah FC (my club) was a sponsor for the day so I got chosen to go out on the field holding a banner and it was really exciting! This is Geri with me (again!)



I love playing in the mud! Sliding in the mud is really fun. (But messy)



Practice with mum is always so much fun!



Oh! My old boots!



This is me and Geri from about three years ago. So maybe U9. We used to play with boys back then… How different do we look? But so cute, haha.



This has nothing to do with soccer but its Nigella and she is adorable so I’ll show you anyway!

Hope you enjoyed!

Liana Kathryn

And its football. Not soccer. Haha. Just FYI: In Australia they call it soccer, but in most other countries they call it football.  My club is called Kahibah Football Club. But it’s not Australian Football, it is Soccer, with a round ball. It gets so confusing when talking to people some times.

PPS: I might be training to be a soccer ref. Will keep you posted about that news when I hear more!



  • Renee Bell (aka your awesome mother) - Great post Liana – you are an amazing goalie and so proud of your commitment to training and practicing (and not getting upset when you do let goals in) Keep up the good work!

    The whole team is getting better and better every game, you should all be very happy with the way you are going. Next year – watch out!!!

    PS: You and Geri have grown and changed so much!
    PPS: Nigella is adorable, of course!ReplyCancel

  • Peta - Love it Liana! Can’t wait to shoot a soccer stretching series with you! XoxReplyCancel

  • Isabel - So good Liana! and you look soooo cute in that photo of you and Geri. Today’s game was AWESOME and I wish I could of played but I had fun anyway you were GREAT in the goals and I hope we win on Wednesday GO KAHIBAH!!!!!!!!!!!!:)ReplyCancel

  • Elaine Corbett - What a great blog. You put a lot of work into it Liana. Say hello to Nigella for me. Love NannyReplyCancel

  • Samantha Kelly - You’re amazing!!! Thanks for being the best goalie our team has ever had.
    From Sammy ⚽️⚽️❤️ReplyCancel

  • Angie - I LOVE THIS POST LIANA! I used to play football, but now I do gymnastics, a much better sport for my fitness lol (i always got hit in the face with the ball). Love you xx


  • Kathy Bell - Go Kahibah with the best goalie ever…just keep having fun girls.ReplyCancel

  • Coach - Hey super Keeper… Great blog. Football is about passion and you sure have a lot of that. To step up and take the position of goalie on the team that is not always the most glamourous, not always the most exciting but always remember with out the keeper there is no team. Keep up your practice and never give up and one day you too can coach. (Maybe your sisters team to give dad a break) And always remember that Kaaaahibah girls are happy!!!!!!⚽️⚽️

    The CoachReplyCancel

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