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Today I thought I’d tell you five tips for having an awesome diary!

Here they are:

  • Use colored pens and pencils

Having rainbow writing is heaps more exiting than plain old black and lead.

  • Don’t be afraid to draw!

Draw little emojis or faces to describe how you are feeling. For example,:)= yay my birthday! and:(= tests today.
You can even draw little patterns in the corners of your diary to jazz it up a bit!

  • Write in awesome hand writing

Write in a cursive or in a italic font to make the writing more special!

  • Write the time of the activity creatively

Instead of 1-1-1 draw swirls of smiley faces in between the numbers!

  • Be organised!

Write your day schedule at the top of your day and afternoon schedule at the bottom of your day.

Here is my kikki k diary that I got for Christmas from my Nanny!

liana diary kikkik


I hope this post will inspire you to write in your diary daily and make writing in your diary a more enjoyable activity! When you use a diary it can help you stay more organised and remember things.  Do you have a diary? If so what tips do you have for me?



PS: My diary has a really cool section that asks questions at the end of the month on what happened.

I still cant decide what the hardest thing was about January – maybe keeping my room tidy… I better work on that more next month:)


Liana Kathryn

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  • Nanny Corbett - Awesome Liana Kathryn just awesome!ReplyCancel

  • Renee Bell - This is really cool Liana – I might have to try some of these tips myself :) I definetely need to get more organised!!!ReplyCancel

    • liana - I hope they make your diary more interesting!ReplyCancel

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