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|Dogs are better than cats (Practicing persuasive text)|

Ok lets get straight to the point. Dogs are way,way,way better than cats! Dogs cost less, they are always loyal and they can be useful  in the community.

Thinking of adopting? Don’t get a cat!

Might as well get a hat than get a cat

Thinking of adopting? Don’t get a kitten!

Might as well get a mitten than, get a kitten!

Thinking of adopting? Then get a cute pug or soft labrador because dogs are always loyal! They don’t sit around all day doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like cats. They will play with you and keep you happy! If you are feeling sad, what better then a cute puppy dog with an absolutely adorable face to cheer you up! Not to mention the fact that if you are robbed, your dog can bark to alert you about the robbers.

Dogs cost heaps less than cats! You don’t need to by a kitty litter at all. Also if you have had a beautiful casserole for dinner and you have some bones left over, dogs will consider it a treat to eat them and bonus! It’s good for their dental health! That’s like a child being exited about brushing their teeth! Dogs will happily eat raw meat. Capitalize, underline and bold the word RAW  so if you have got some meat that will go off tomorrow but cant be bothered cooking it or already have dinner cooked? The dog will eat it no questioned asked! Also it’s a treat for them so they are very happy with you!

Now for what I think is the most important part of this persuasive text, community service. Dogs can be very useful to the community. They can be used as security dogs at airports to keep all the bad stuff out of our country! What about police dogs? They have an amazing sense of smell which means they can locate the bad guys in just hours! That may seem like a long time, but do you see cats doing that? No! Dogs don’t get stuck up trees like some other animal I know of. Not naming who! (hint: C A T S) this takes valuable time away from our amazing firefighters.

Cats are evil creatures, so buy a dog, preferably a rescue dog. They are loyal, they cost less than cats and they can be use full to the community. Also just think of all the famous dogs! Underdog, Batman’s dog Ace…. and can you think of any movies based on famous cats? Nope. And does the Queen have cats by her side? No, she has corgis! So when cat woman and underdog battle  it out, you know who to cheer for!

P.S I actually love cats but in persuasive texts you have to really try and convince the reader, so sorry to all the cat lovers!(and cats) I hope you enjoyed!
Liana Kathryn
  • Nanny Corbett - Hi Liana, When I was your age and live with my mum and dad I was not aloud so have a dog but I had a ginger cat named Sandy. I also had a budgerigar named Butch and a gold fish named Cleo. When I got married and moved I had a Pekinese call Ming and a dachshund named Pipi.I also had budgies named Benny, Bert and Mick. Cats are nice and cuddley. Now I live in a unit I don’t have any pets. Love NannyReplyCancel

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