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Hunter creative arts camp!

I wanted to write a blog post is about the creative arts camp I went to.

I went for five days and 4 nights and there were around 182 (I think) attendees. About a fifth of those people were boys, which I found quite amusing. (there were literally four lodges of girls and only one of boys) I stayed in a dorm with three other people, two from my school and one from another. My chosen subject was visual art, but there was also an option to go for drama, dance, and music. There were some really talented artists, dancers, musicians and… Dramatics? No, actors. The word I was looking for was actors. I guess they were very dramatic, though. Haha.

This is me with my friend Belle who also went to the camp.


We did multiple artworks, all either inspired by or under the topic of a picture paints a thousand words.  My favorite of my pictures were these ones:


We were allowed to do whatever we wanted, as long as it included pages and/or pictures from a book. Most people filled the entire canvas up with pages from books but I did it a bit differently! I loved doing this piece, it was so much fun! My dad said it looked like an album cover from a band he likes.

As well as their chosen subject, every art form had to do a rotation with a small class of the other subjects. My favorite was Drama! We also had to learn a dance, because on the fifth day there was a concert and that was the finale. Our parents were able to come and watch that in the afternoon then we went home.

Overall I had a fantastic time, and I wish I could go back next year, but unfortunately it is only for Year 5 and 6 students. It is run by Hunter School of Performing Arts and you had to apply for a place to go. I had heaps of fun and I recommend it to all of you so if you are in year 5 or 6 next year then please ask your teachers about it so that you can be advised when applications open. You might have to do lots of extra chores to pay for it though – just sayin! 😉


Oh, and you get a tshirt:)Love this colour! (But blue is my current favourite colour!)



They also had heaps of cool night activities like trivia, games, and movies. It was held at the sport and rec center at Myuna Bay, which was a very beautiful place. They have a session every day where you can choose to play soccer, volleyball, or just sit and talk.  I hope I get to go back to the camp center again one day as it looks really cool with lots of fun activities available.

I hope you have a great day!  Please tell me in the comments do you love art and design?

Liana Kathryn




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