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soccer update

Hello, everyone! This month has been hectic, and I cant believe I am nearly at the end of primary school!!! I’ve had camps, tests at school, and have been doing heaps ofView full post »

Hunter creative arts camp!

I wanted to write a blog post is about the creative arts camp I went to. I went for five days and 4 nights and there were around 182 (I think) attendees. About a fifth of thoseView full post »

Mantra shirts by Aimee Angelique

Hi! How have you all been? I haven’t posted on here in ages!  Sorry about that. I’ve been quite busy lately. I think you will find out all the reasons I have been busyView full post »

Pineapple Heads -Product design review

Hi! How are you? How was your day? Good? Awesome. I’d love to chat about what you did today, but you see, I kind of have to finish this blog post first. Maybe another time?View full post »

Angel Love Blog Interview

Hello! Recently I met Angie from Ange Love blog, And we decided to do a collaboration. You can check out my interview on her blog! Click HERE If you want to. Without further ado, View full post »

Hurraw lip balm

Hello Today I’m going to be telling you about some awesome Hurraw lip balm from our friends at Shop Naturally! My review: Hurraw Lip Balm. These are so awesome! I love allView full post »

Meet our new family member – Nigella!

Hey! Don’t have time to write much today, as I am playing with our new family member …. A gorgeous kitten that we adopted yesterday named Nigella!  She is 11 weeks oldView full post »

Kaszazz card making

Hello! Yesterday I went to my friends house for a craft event that her mum, Katrina from Kats Occasions was running. It was lots of fun, and she did a fantastic job! Katrina hasView full post »

My top four favorite bloggers!

Hello! Today I am going to be sharing with you my top four favorite bloggers! 😛 Here we go!     India Kitty. India, your love of color and amazing creativity make yourView full post »

plastic straws are evil

Hello. Today we need to talk about something serious. Plastic straws. I know what you’re all thinking “Whats wrong with straws?” So let me tell you… (IView full post »

Back to school lunch essentials

Hello Today I’m going to be sharing with you some epic, back to school essentials from Shop Naturally!     I love all off these, and that leaves me with one ofView full post »


Helloooooooo Are you having a nice day? No? It is pretty rainy the last few days here in Newcastle so I could understand if you weren’t having a good day!  I don’tView full post »

Happy New Year!

Hello! Its been aaaaaaages since I posted last (sorry about that things got really busy with school and I haven’t had much time) and I thought Id better postView full post »

|Dogs are better than cats (Practicing persuasive text)|

Ok lets get straight to the point. Dogs are way,way,way better than cats! Dogs cost less, they are always loyal and they can be useful  in the community. Thinking of adopting?View full post »