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Bento Boxes


School’s back!

In some ways its good and in some ways its bad. Like… you get to see friends BUT you have to do tests.:(

I know it went back a while ago but I’m still really exited about sharing this post so I just HAD to do it!

This year I got a fancy new lunch box and its AWESOME! The brands are BENTO BOX, Lunch Bots and FRIDGE TO GO lunch bags. You can check out the Lunch Bots bento boxes here  and Fridge to Go lunch bags here

They arrived by delivery last week from our friends at Shop Naturally and I love them!

A bento box is a stainless steel lunch box. You can get ones with two, three, or five compartments! Mum and I have a TRIO lunch bot and a CINCO lunch bot. The CINCO lunch bot has three small compartments, perfect for packing snacks, and two large, ideal for main meals. I also love the name “Lunch Bots”!

fun fact!

The word “cinco” means five in Spanish so the “cinco” lunch bots have five compartments!


So basically you put food in each of the little compartments… Sometimes you have to cut it a bit so you can fit it in (that is why I have to cut my plum) and they aren’t completely watertight so you cant have things in them that are really juicy. If I ever take watermelon or anything like that I put in a different container.

Some of my favorite foods to take for lunch are:

  • chicken wings
  • chopped veggies
  • acia and buckweat pancake bites
  • muffins of any kind
  • veggie dip or hummus
  • corn chips or sakatas
  • watermelon or any kind of fruit really
  • corn or vegetable fritters

Here is a photo of what was packed into my lunch box today… It was soooo good:)  I never really thought of taking chicken wings to school, but they were really tasty and all my friends were drooling over them!



Here is one from the first day I had my new bento box. We hadn’t really cooked much food so there were crackers in there instead of chicken or veggie fritters.
lunchbots bento

The Fridge To Go lunch bags are amazing, not only because they have lots of cool compartments to store little things in, but also because it can keep foods cold for up to 8 hours. The lunch bag has a main inner section that is insulated with a thin ice pack that comes with the bag. It has a great shoulder strap which means I can put it over my shoulder like a bag when walking to lunch, but if you don’t like that you can take it off…

I have the purple camo style and it rocks! It matches my school bag (that was a lucky accident) too! Here is me holding both of them…



I hope you enjoyed this post! I would love to know what you put in your lunch box – what is your main food, and do you take any treats?

PS: Some of these facts about the lunch boxes I got off the internet on the shops website… But the cinco bit, I worked out myself… I know a little bit of Spanish – I think it is from watching Dora the Explorer when I was little! Haha.

Liana Kathryn

Photos of the lunch boxes taken by me! Photos of me – taken by mum.


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