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Back to school lunch essentials


Today I’m going to be sharing with you some epic, back to school essentials from Shop Naturally!


back to school lunch essentials


I love all off these, and that leaves me with one of the hardest choices I have ever had to make….. Which ones to choose.

(^^^^^ over exaggeration^^^^^)


My review: the best back to school lunch essentials…

I had to choose which colour insulated lunch bag, and which drink bottle I wanted to have this year… With some help from my wonderful Instagram friends, I have decided that my favorite was the patterned drink bottle!

But wait! There is more!!
What about all the things to go inside the lunch bag? (and I still haven’t told you what colour I chose yet, hehe!)

inside insulated lunch bag
Last year I had a Lunchbots cinco bento box (you can read that post here) and I really really love it. But I wanted to get one a little bit smaller this year for the days when I take a lot of fruit that I don’t want to cut up to go in the compartments.  So I got this one with the awesome orange lid!  Did you know stainless steel lunch boxes are really good because then there is no plastic touching your food!  That means no chemicals absorbing into your food which is pretty important:)

I kept with the same insulated lunch bag as I had last year because it was so awesome – and if you want to see what colour I decided to go with ….. You will see when you get a little further down this post…..

That green pouch thing – I guess you are wondering what that is??  Well — it is an ice pack with a cover over it so it doesn’t make your food all wet!  Good for keeping things cool in summer!

And I went with the stainless steel drink bottle with the awesome flower pattern pouch. The pouch is made from neoprene which is what wetsuits are made out of! Cool hey!
Other things I have are little stainless steel containers (to put my hummus in – yum yum!!) and some cutlery made from bamboo for when I need a knife or fork or spoon to eat my lunch with!


stainless steel drink bottle


Are you ready….
I chose black:):):)


insulated lunch box


As I mentioned earlier, these are all amazing products and I cant wait to show them off at school… On that note, how quick have the holidays gone? I mean, I’m exited to go back, but I feel like the holidays need to be longer ( Even though we get a whole 6 weeks 😐 )

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful day, and a fantastic time looking at my blog! Remember, if you wish to purchase or get more info on any of these products, you can just click the links (they will turn green) and be taken to another website to view the items.


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